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Interview 51: Gil Villanueva on “Advice for Under-resourced students”

Gil Villanueva
Gil Villanueva gives his backstory and it is one you will not forget. I introduce our topic which is, “Advice for Under-resourced students”. Next Gil gives us a great definition of what an under-resourced student is. Gil shares some great resources to help an under-resourced student with the college process. After this, Gil talks about what was the year or years when colleges started paying attention to under-resourced students. Gil talks about how students want to be wanted and how this is pivotal in recruiting. Gil discusses how fee waivers and application fees can be waived for under-resourced students. He talks about Community colleges and Community Based organizations. Gil shares how important it is for a student to be an initiator in this process. Gil gets personal with our listeners when he discusses how he struggled with impostor syndrome as a student at Pitzer. Gil defines what impostor syndrome is. (37:54)

You can also listen on Episode 128 and Episode 129

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