Interview 68: Mark Kantrowitz on “Understanding the New Simple FAFSA”

We share Mark’s Bio and Mark explains:

  • The history of why the law changed.
  • How FAFSA can go from 108 questions to 36 questions.
  • Some of the questions FAFSA got rid of.
  • When the changes go into effect.
  • Why colleges got rid of the term EFC.
  • Why the new Student Aid Index can be a negative number.
  • How the person responsible for changing the FAFSA has changed.
  • How cost of attendance will be handled differently.
  • The Income Protection Allowance changes.
Mark Kantrowitz
  • How the Family contribution will not be cut in half because multiple kids are in college.
  • How the college expenses are harder on lower income families.
  • How opportunities for a special circumstance appeal are expanded.
  • How FAFSA verification will be reduced.
  • How the Pell grant will be calculated differently.
  • The benefit of early awareness.
  • The Simplified Need test.
  • Changes to Untaxed Income.

Mark K closes by sharing what he likes and doesn’t like about the New FAFSA. (1:06:31)

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