Babson College (MA)
YCBK 180: 1st state to ban alumni admissions

Interview 71: Courtney Minden on “Understanding Babson College”

Courtney Minden

Courtney Minden helps us understand Babson college:

  • Courtney gives her 3-5-minute elevator speech of who Babson College is?
  • Courtney tells us what a deliberate dreamer is?
  • Courtney talks about the BOW consortium, what is this?
  • Courtney tells us what the Weissman Foundry is
  • Courtney talks about how Babson utilizes Boston in their education
  • Courtney explains What a MCFE is?
  • She talks about the exceptional entrepreneurship major
  • Courtney shares how every student starts a business at Babson but she really stresses entrepreneurial leadership
  • Courtney shares why students pick Babson over other business schools and why Babson loses out on great kids
  • Courtney shares what Babson needs to do improve
  • Courtney shares who some of Babson’s famous alumni are
  • Courtney tells us what she looks for in the admissions process to identify a good potential Babson student
  • Of course, we close with me putting Courtney on the hotseat (Length 40.51)

You can also listen on Episode 179

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