Interview 77: Lisa Keegan on “The Importance of fit when building a college list”

  • Lisa gives her backstory, where she grew up, how she got into admissions, and various jobs that she has had
  • Lisa answers the question, “what does a student need to know about themselves before embarking on their college search?”
  • Lisa shares some of the common places where students start their search that are often ill-advised.
  • I ask Lisa, how can a student focus on fit when there is so much pressure on them to focus on prestige and she gives us some sage advice
  • Lisa is very candid with the pressure administrators feel from trustees about the college’s ranking, and Lisa and Mark have a candid conversation about rankings and how flawed they are as the primary way of selecting a college.
Lisa Keegan
  • Lisa answers the question, how does a student know whether they will feel a sense of belonging at a campus?
  • Lisa shares some great ideas of what to do on a college visit that goes beyond the traditional information session and tour
  • Mark asks Lisa if “fit” can change from when you start the process to when you are finishing up?

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