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YCBK 197: Admission Survey in a Wild Year

Interview 80: Kevin Newton on “An Education Abroad”

Kevin Newton

Kevin Newton is the founder of “An Education Abroad”, a college consulting firm that places students in International universities. He handles all International placements for students that work with Mark’s firm, School Match 4U.

  • Kevin gives his backstory and wow is it interesting
  • Kevin tells us what his company, “An Education Abroad” does to help students find undergraduate and graduate universities in countries other than the United States
  • Kevin explains the reasons why students choose to go abroad
  • Kevin talks about how you apply to Oxford or Cambridge University
  • Kevin Newton of “An Education Abroad” discusses the University of Edinburgh in Scotland; he explains how their admissions process works
  • Kevin explains how Americans are perceived in the UK and other International schools
  • Kevin explains whether your extracurricular activities matter for International schools
  • Kevin shares more reasons why students go to university in another country

You can also listen on Episode 196 and Episode 197

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