YCBK 199: How important are AP classes [Transcript]
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)

Interview 81: Matt McGann on “How to get a research opportunity with a professor”

Matt McGann
  • Matt gives his backstory including his admission experience
  • Matt tells us what he majored in when in college, and how he applied his major in the real world
  • Matt tells us what research actually is, and you will love his definition of research!
  • Matt tells us about his own research that he has done
  • Matt lets us know how doing research at an undergraduate college differs from doing research at a university that offers doctoral degrees
  • Matt tells us where a student should start when they want to do undergraduate research
  • Matt talks about some other people besides the professors themselves who are great people to reach out to if you want to do research
  • Matt goes into more depth on the difference between doing research at an undergraduate-only college versus doing research at a place that has doctoral degrees. Matt ends our interview by giving advice to a high student, what they can do to get an opportunity to start doing research while in high school with a college professor

You can also listen on Episode 198 and Episode 199

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