YCBK 227: Is telling our kids to follow their passions bad advice? [Transcript]
YCBK 228: Interview with Scott Muir, Leader of "Study The Humanities" [Transcript]

Interview 96: Scott Muir on “Debunking Myths about the Humanities”

Scott Muir
  • What does the National Humanities Alliance do
  • What college majors are considered Humanities majors
  • What does studythehumanities.org do and what is the toolkit
  • How do Humanities majors do financially?
  • What is the job satisfaction like for those with humanities degrees
  • How does Study the Humanities work with faculty members
  • What are the benefits to studying the humanities
  • Why is the public perception of the humanities so different from the reality
  • How the transition from college to your career path is more tricky for humanities majors
  • The importance of your network and how this often really helps graduates with humanities degrees
  • How humanities majors force you to understand people who are different than you
  • How the ACMU and NACE do studies every year about what employers most value and he talks about how the humanities prepare people with those skills
  • Scott goes on the hot seat.
  • Scott shares his podcast, “What are you going to do with that”

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