Interview 97: Karen Kristof on “How admission officers evaluate a transcript”

Karen Kristof
  • Karen Kristof gives her backstory, including the five different admission offices she has worked at and the various roles she has had at those colleges
  • Karen explains why she loves her job so much
  • Karen tells us what selective schools look for when they evaluate a transcript
  • Karen explains how it is not about having a specific GPA or getting a certain AP score
  • Karen talks about the importance of engagement and intellectualism
  • Karen shares some of the mistakes students make with their course selection
  • Karen talks about the importance of broadly challenging yourself
  • Karen talks about critical thinking and writing
  • Karen talks about quantitative and qualitative skills
  • Karen tells us how they can tell if the student has intellectual curiosity from the curriculum
  • Karen shares the biggest mistakes she sees students make with the courses that they select
  • Karen shares the importance of the School Profile