Interview 99: Karen Kristof on "Understanding Colorado College"
Interview 101: Brynn Burton on "My journey from Wyoming to Colgate University"

Interview 100: David Vise on “Free college through CLEP”

David Vise
  • David gives his backstory
  • Dave tells us what a CLEP exam is
  • He tells us who CLEP courses are for
  • Dave explains how CLEP is different from AP
  • Dave shares how high schools and colleges, and HBCUs are using Modern States
  • Dave explains what the difference is between Modern States and CLEP
  • Dave gives tips for students to do well in CLEP courses
  • Dave explains why so few people have heard of CLEP
  • Dave explains all of the different groups that Modern states is good for
  • Dave talks about the alliances with non-profits and corporations they have
  • Dave explains how CLEP courses are different than MOOCs
  • Dave explains where the funding for the Modern States is coming from
  • Dave gives step by step detailed description of how you sign up to how you get actual credit for the courses
  • Dave goes on the hot seat

You can also listen on Episode 230, Episode 232 and Episode 234

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