YCBK 269: Northern Kids Heading South For College [Transcript]
Interview 109: Marichal Gentry on "10 Things Parents Should Consider When Preparing Their Kids From College"

Interview 108: Dr. Christina Boyd-Smith on “Navigating a B/C student through the college admission process”

Dr. Christina Boyd-Smith
  • Dr. Christina Boyd-Smith gives her backstory
  • Christina discussed when she realized her son had ADD
  • Christina and Lisa, two high achievers with doctorates, share examples of how hard it was to accept their kid’s modest grades and their outlook on school
  • Lisa and Christina’s self-awareness and transparency about their areas for growth as a parent make this a compelling interview
  • Christina talks about how it can be challenging to parent when your kid thinks very differently from how you were raised and how you think
  • Christina talks about how feedback from her son challenged her to re-examine her child-rearing worldview
  • Christina talks about the challenges and the triumphs of navigating a B/C through the College process.
  • Christina differentiates between the self-destructive kid versus the kid who beats to their own drum.

You can also listen on Episode 244

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