Interview 108: Dr. Christina Boyd-Smith on "Navigating a B/C student through the college admission process"
Interview 110: Dr. Robert Alexander on "Understanding the University of Rochester"

Interview 109: Marichal Gentry on “10 Things Parents Should Consider When Preparing Their Kids From College”

Marichal Gentry
  • Background as enrollment outreach coordinator at Durham Academy, Education at Sewanee, UNC Chapel Hill, and at Harvard
  • His background from going from business to education to Duke
  • His experience in Student Life and as a Dean; he has served in various roles at Sewanee: University of the South, Middlebury College, and Yale University
  • The importance of independence
  • The importance of FERPA
  • How students need to learn how to handle alcohol Cannabis and drugs, including prescription drugs
  • Consent for physical contact, sexual advances, what it means to say “no”
  • What students should do if they experience sexually inappropriate behavior
  • Unhealthy Eating habits and Sleeping habits
  • The importance of Staying active
  • Workshops at the counseling center, including peer health workshops
  • Unexpected changes in appearances, sexual orientation, pronoun use, spirituality, changes in their college major

You can also listen on Episode 246 and Episode 248

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