Interview 110: Dr. Robert Alexander on “Understanding the University of Rochester”

  • Robert’s backstory, various admission roles he has had, and what he is doing today
  • Explains UR to someone who knows nothing about UR
  • Describes a student who thrives at UR
  • How “open” is UR’s open curriculum? What are some unusual ways that students take advantage of it?
  • What is the university’s relationship with Medical Center complex? Are undergrads involved?
  • For your BS/MD program (Rochester Early Medical Scholars): what’s the process and the profile of an admitted student?
  • Tell us about UR’s Early Assurance partnerships and how do they work
  • What are your priorities in the application evaluation process?
  • What types of students are underrepresented on your campus that you are hoping to enroll more of over the next five years?
  • UR is known for its merit funding; are applicants automatically considered, what are the criteria and the range of the merit scholarships?
Dr. Robert Alexander
  • What are UR students happiest about?
  • What would they like to change?
  • How would you describe the city of Rochester to a student who is unfamiliar with upstate NY (including the weather)?
  • What other colleges/universities would you say are the most similar to UR?
  • Mark puts Robert on the hot seat for our lightening round

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