Interview 131: Dr. Kelly Holloway on “Understanding Mercer”

  • Dr. Kelly Holloway content for YCBK website
  • Dr. Kelly Holloway shares her background and the various roles she has had
  • Kelly gives a description of all of the colleges and schools Mercer has, including a description of the seven campus locations
  • Kelly explains the Mission of Mercer
  • Kelly explains how Service Learning is at the core of what Mercer does, and Kelly shares several awards Mercer has received
  • Kelly explains what Mercer on a mission is
  • Kelly explains why students turn down other schools to come to Mercer
  • Dr. Holloway shares what are regarded as the strongest majors at Mercer
  • Kelly explains one prestigious award that more Mercer students have won than any other school in the entire country
  • Kelly answers the question, “Why have so few people heard of Mercer nationally.”
  • Kelly describes Mercer’s Division 1 athletics and what their experience is
  • Kelly talks about the special relationship between Mercer’s undergrad and the opportunity to get admitted into Mercer’s professional programs like Med school, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Counseling, Business, Education
  • Kelly explains how the accelerated programs work
  • Kelly talks about how they evaluate an applicant
  • Kelly talks about how they look at GPA and how they recalculate a GPA
  • Dr. Holloway explains why they look at AP or IB differently than dual enrollment
  • Kelly explains whether Mercer admits by major, by college, or into Mercer as a whole
  • Kelly explains which of their programs are Direct Admit once you get to Mercer
  • Kelly explains when an interview is required.
Dr. Kelly Holloway
  • Kelly describes how merit scholarships work
  • Kelly talks about the composition of the student body from a socioeconomic and racial standpoint.
  • Kelly talks about when Demonstrated interest is factored in and when it isn’t a factor at all
  • Kelly talks about the personal touch that Mercer admissions officers display in their communication with their students
  • Kelly talks about the biggest area that Mercer needs to work on.

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