Interview 164: Dan and Mary Lachance on "Opportunities in Cyber Security Careers"
YCBK 400: How can my son know if a teacher he wants to ask for a recommendation is a good writer

Interview 165: Andy Strickler on “How admission file reading from a large school group is different”

  • Andy tells us about the five different schools he has worked at and the roles he has had at those schools
  • Andy talks about the ways reading one school group together as its own entity, really allows the reader to learn so many things and to make more accurate admission decisions
  • Andy answers the question, is it harder to get admitted if you are applying from a busy school group that is full of high achieving kids or a school group with an average amount of students or one that they rarely get apps from?
  • Andy busts the myth that there is a firm quota on the number of kids from each school
  • Andy talks about how demonstrated interest impact admissions decisions, and he explains how nuanced it is.
  • Andy talks about how counselor calls come into play in these busy school groups
  • Andy talks about demonstrated disinterest
  • Andy talks about being well-resourced impacts admissions
  • Andy talks about institutional pressures
  • Andy talks about some of the things that he finds unsavory about the profession; things that are in the best interests of the institutions and
  • Andy talks about using 3rd parties to help with predicting yield
  • Andy explains what an affinity score is.
  • Andy talks about how you must read affinity scores in context

You can also listen on Episode 398, Episode 400, and Episode 402

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