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Computer Science Summer Programs for High School Students

High School Computer Science Summer Programs

Summer programs in computer science stand out as exceptional opportunities for high school students to discover different facets of this quickly changing field. Immersive programs aren’t just about learning to code; students also learn problem-solving, creativity, and how to apply computational thinking to real-world challenges.

Unlocking Potential: Computer Science Summer Programs

Carleton College: Seeking Computational Solutions – Programming & Beyond

This three-week program approaches computer science with a liberal arts perspective, looking beyond just learning how to program. The focus is on problems related to perception and response within complex environments. Course and research topics include robotics, computer vision, web development, and computer organization. The experiences end with a research symposium where students present projects to the community and highlight the program’s holistic approach to computer science.

Carnegie Mellon University: AI Scholars

This four-week fully funded experience engages rising high school seniors in project-based learning and works on meaningful AI projects that aim to make a positive impact. Beyond academics, the program includes college prep seminars and fosters an inclusive community committed to equity in STEM.

Carnegie Mellon University: CS Scholars

Rising high school juniors will get hands-on learning in programming, problem-solving, and computational thinking in this immersive four-week program. The program taught by CMU’s faculty also focuses on preparing students for the college experience and building an inclusive STEM community.

Champlain College: Creative AI Academy

A 12-day experience designed for high school students and recent graduates to learn the foundational theories of generative AI. Students collaborate on AI-driven projects that blend art and technology and discuss ethics surrounding AI.

Columbia University: Introduction to AI: Search Algorithms

Students with a proficient knowledge of object-oriented programming will appreciate this advanced course designed for them. The program progresses through optimization and probabilistic strategies and exploring various search strategies.

Illinois Institute of Technology: Computational Science

IIT has designed this program to teach students problem-solving skills, computer architecture, and the essentials of C-programming. Hands-on sessions and group project collaborations take place on the historic Mies Campus in Chicago.

Michigan Technological University: Autonomous Vehicle Programming

This unique program introduces high school students to autonomous vehicles and programming. Topics include sensors, perception, control, and motion planning. Students also tackle the ethical and social implications of autonomous vehicles.

New York University: Machine Learning

NYU’s Tandon summer Machine Learning program provides a gateway to the world of AI and data science for high school students. With a blend of computer science and advanced mathematics, they’ll dive into technologies like autonomous vehicles, image recognition technologies, and diagnostic medical tools.

North Carolina State University: Coding Around the World

Created for 11th and 12th graders, this week-long program provides a supportive learning space for students with basic Python knowledge. They’ll improve their coding skills in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Tufts University: Engineering with Artificial Intelligence

This new offering explores the frontiers of technology with Tufts University’s AI and Machine Learning program designed to deepen students’ understanding of these growing fields. This two-week program for students entering grades 10-12 or a Spring 2024 graduate combines historical insights, mathematical foundations, ethical considerations, and hands-on experience in developing AI solutions.

Tufts University: Coding Academy

Students dive into the world of coding in this two-week summer program. They’ll code with Python, work on mobile apps, and web development. They’ll also have the opportunity to visit with tech companies located in the Boston area.

University of Texas Austin: Academy for Machine Learning

Learn the essentials of machine learning from concept to code while learning the Gates Dell Complex, home of UT Computer Science. Students participate in project management and tackle real-world applications. They’ll gain insights into tech careers, internships and university life.

University of Texas Austin: Academy for IOS App Development

This immersive iOS app development program blends artistic vision with technology. Students learn the essentials of app creation, from Xcode and Swift programming to augmented reality. This hands-on experience will provide a transformative experience.

Wolfram: Wolfram High School Summer Research Program

This unique two-week experience focuses on building students’ programming and problem-solving skills. They participate in research projects tailored to their interests, culminating in computational essays and projects. Students spend their time at Bentley University and form lasting relationships with the community of peers and professionals from around the world associated with this impactful program.

University of California Berkeley: Summer Computer Science Academy

Located near Silicon Valley, this two-week program provides a deep dive into computer science, and no prior experience is required. Students will participate in daily coding challenges, explore fundamental computer science concepts, and work on personal projects. Workshops on college admissions are also included to prepare them for the college experience.

As students explore potential areas of future study, summer programs can serve as a valuable resource for those interested in delving into the realm of computer science.

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