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Interview 167: Michael Keaton on "The New FAFSA"

Interview 166: Dan and Mary Lachance on “Understanding Rochester Institute of Technology”

  • Mark interviews Dan LaChance, a student a RIT and his mom, Mary LaChance
  • Dan shares what he feels are the best things about RIT.
  • Mary mentions what she feels are the best things about RIT.
  • Dan and Mary share what they wish would be different at RIT.
  • Dan shares what he didn’t know until he got to RIT.
  • Dan shares the type of student that does well at RIT.
  • Dan shares and the type of student that doesn’t do well at RIT, and Mary shares her perspective on this question.
  • Dan and Mary go on the hot seat in the lightning round.

You can also listen on Episode 397, and Episode 399

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