Interview 166: Dan and Mary Lachance on "Understanding Rochester Institute of Technology"
Interview 168: Scott Barnhardt on "Admissions Advice for Performing Arts Majors"

Interview 167: Michael Keaton on “The New FAFSA”

  • Julie Esquivel and Mark Stucker interview Michael
  • Michael shares his bio.
  • Michael shares some of the changes to the NEW FAFSA
  • Michael shares how the changes to the FAFSA are impacting students and college admissions offices.
  • Michael talks about some of the kinks in the FAFSA rollout and he talks about how the wrinkles impact schools differently, based on their resources and stature in the marketplace.
  • Michael talks about how the new FAFSA is impacting multiple kids in college at the same time, and how colleges are addressing this.
  • Mark shares some additional changes to the FAFSA.
  • Mark shares a new very disturbing update that just broke about the FAFSA being delayed significantly longer than what the Department of Education had forecasted and he shares some of the ways colleges are handing this

You can also listen on Episode 401

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