Interview 169: Andy Borst on "How AI is impacting admissions offices"
Rhodes College (TN)

Interview 170: Gil Villanueva on “Understanding Rhodes College”

Gil Villanueva
  • Gil gives his bio.
  • Gil answers the question, how is Rhodes different from other colleges.
  • Gil describes the Rhodes campus.
  • Gil explains how Rhodes lives out its mission statement.
  • Gil gives us a profile of Rhodes College
  • Gil explains how they have added a B to diversity equity and inclusion, and he tells us what the B stands for
  • Gil talks about the upcoming enrollment cliff.
  • Gil talks about the marketing strategies that have been effective for Rhodes.
  • Gil tells us what Rhodes personality is.
  • Gil answers the question, is there tension with you talking about diversity, equity, belonging and inclusion when you are located in a ruby red state.
  • How does the honor code impact the student experience at Rhodes?
  • I ask Gil, what does he hear from students are the best departments at Rhodes?
  • I ask Gil if crime is a problem at Rhodes.
  • I ask Gil if a student needs to be involved in Greek life to feel at home at Rhodes?

You can also listen on Episode 405, and Episode 407

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