Interview 2: Howard Rittenhouse on “Opportunities in the Coast Guard Academy”


Howard Rittenhouse is an Academy Admissions Partner for the Coast Guard Academy. Howard shares how attending the Academy allows your kid to go to college for free, get paid to go, and graduate with a guaranteed management job.

Howard Rittenhouse
Howard is also a parent of a CGA cadet. Howard discusses who an ideal candidate is for the CGA. He shares what the CGA looks for and how they evaluate applicants. He describes what a typical day is like and he discusses how the CGA is different from West Point, the Naval Academy and the Air Force. Howard shares what steps cadets can take to get their graduate education paid for. Howard talks about the prep school opportunity the CGA offers. Mr. Rittenhouse describes the challenges the cadets face. Howard talks about why cadets rarely go to combat. We learn about what students can do to increase their chances of admission ( (Length 26:48).

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