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Interview 9: Brandi Smith on “How to work effectively with your HS school counselor”

Brandi Smith
Brandi Smith is the Director of college counseling at Marietta High School. Brandi discusses her admissions experience for Reinhart, Samford, Vanderbilt, and Emory. Brandi details her expectations of what student’s need to do in the college process when it comes to interacting with their college counselor. Brandi explains what colleges are looking for when they look at an admission application. Brandi discusses the resources that school counselors provide for students and parents. Brandi discusses the reason counselors often have knowledge of some of the best scholarships students should apply for. Ms. Smith shares additional resources that school counselors have that students should take advantage of. Brandi and Mark converse about the kind of actions that make a student stand out, in the eyes of the counselor and in the eyes of the colleges who recruit. Brandi also describes how the School Counselor and Admissions Officers communicate with each other. (Length 52:29)

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