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Interview 22: Carol Conchar on “Advice for Music Majors”

Carol Conchar
“Mark interviews Carol Conchar, Regional Admissions Director at George Washington University in Washington DC, and she shares sound advice for music majors.
1. Carol, for the student that is interested in studying music, what do you recommend that they do while in high school to prepare?
2. Can you talk about the difference between a Conservatory, a BFA program or a BA with a strong music faculty?
3. What do you recommend that music majors look for when they are evaluating a college?
4. Can you talk about the role that the audition plays in how music students are evaluated?
5. Besides the audition, what other factors are important as criteria for admission? What common mistakes do you see music majors making?
6. Can you talk about the career options for music majors
7. Can you tell us more about George Washington’s options for a student interested in music? (Length 18:43)”

You can also listen on Episode 48

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