YCBK 72: Advice for Undocumented Students
YCBK 73: What Applicants with Disabilities Should Know

Interview 31: Josie Urbistondo on “How to write a compelling Personal Statement”

Dr. Josie Urbistondo
Josie gives her background. Josie discusses the University of Miami. Josie talks a“the Resume roll call essay, the Apology tour essay and the Rant and Rave diatribe. We talk about “Essay Real Estate”. What is the purpose of the Personal Statement? Exercises to help students with writers block. Involving others to help in your writing. Should students read other essays? Are there essay topics that should be avoided? Essay introductions. How a student can show their critical thinking?.The power of reflection, symbols, synonyms, imagery and being multi-sensory. What to do when writing is too shallow? Health and writing, is there a correlation? Common errors we both see in our student’s essays. The importance of communicating values and how to show your emotional intelligence in your writingJosie exhorts the listeners to start early on their personal essays. Ways to conclude your essay. (Length 1:07:30)

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