YCBK 74: What is An Admission Hook?
Harvard Summer Admissions Institute (MA)

Interview 32: Steve Schwartz on “A conversation about extracurriculars and admissions”

Steve Schwartz
Mark interviews Mr. Steve Schwartz, podcast host of College of Admissions Toolbox, and together they start out sharing their backgrounds but then they transition to the topic of the day. This is a very informal conversation about how extracurricular activities can play a role in admissions decisions that colleges make. Steve reached out to Mark and asked him to try a novel idea: why don’t we have a conversation about a college admission topic and run the episode on both of our podcasts. Mark said, why not try it. Steve’s main focus of his practice is on extracurriculars, so Mark agreed to make this our topic. Mark and Steve had a very cordial conversation about the role extracurriculars play in the college admissions process but they do not have the same perspective on everything. Listeners can listen and see where they agree with Steve and see where they agree with Mark. (Length 49:54)

You can also listen on Episode 74 and Episode 75

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