Interview 34: Daniel Greene on “How to use the Trello app to stay organized with your college applications”


Mark interviews Daniel Greene, a parent and dedicated listener to Your College-Bound Kid in “Understanding how the Trello app can help you stay organized in the college process”.

Daniel Greene
Daniel shares how he uses the Trello app; how his son uses the Trello app and what his wife thinks about the Trello app. Dan answers questions like, what role does his wife play in this process. What is Dan’s role and what is his son’s role. Daniel then generously offers to demo the Trello app for every one of our listeners who wants to see the Trello app in action. Daniel Greene has set up a Trello board for YCBK listeners; it is public at: Listeners can play around all they want with this Trello Board It also contains a card with information on how to contact me at (Length 25:18 minutes)

You can also listen on Episode 80

  • Trello,… wow! What a fantastic resource! I am currently using it to help my 10th grader organize all the tasks he needs to address in the college admissions process. Thanks, Daniel!