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Elon University (NC)

Interview 36: David Wagner on “Understanding the 7 Sections of the Common App”

David Wagner
Dave Wagner, is the Director of Admissions at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. Dave share your upbringing, the different jobs you have had, where your interest in college admissions comes from and what you are doing now? Our topic is: “Understanding the 7 Sections of the Common App”. What the Common App is? Can you explain each of the 7 sections and then let us know what you look for in this section, and if applicable, a tip for a student completing each section. Let’s start with the Profile section. Our second section is the Family Section. Our third section is the Education section, Our 4th section is the Testing section. Section 5 is the Activities section. Our 6th section is the Writing section. The final section is the Courses and Grades section. Is there anything you haven’t shared about the Common App that you would like our students, parents and college counselors to know? (Length 56:42)

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