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Interview 40: Stephen Antonoff on “Debunking the myth that there are only 20 great colleges”

Dr. Steven Antonoff
Mark interviews best-selling author and college admissions expert Dr. Steven Antonoff. Steven shares his background and how he got interested in admissions. Steven explains why the University of Denver has become such a great University. We introduce our topic, Debunking the Myth that there are only 20 great colleges and Dr. Antonoff shares the consequences of this myth. Steven shares how he once believed this and he lets us know what changed his thinking. Steven shares why college rankings are an ineffective way of figuring out which college you should attend. Steven shares other myths in college admissions that he wants to debunk. Steven explains what a Wild card college is. Steven shares his perspective on Demonstrated Interest. Steven explains how to enroll in the college counseling program at UC-Irvine and he shares where people purchase the books he has written. (Length 51:24)

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