Interview 41: Emily Griffen on “How to evaluate and utilize the Career Center”


Mark interviews Emily Griffen, The Director of the Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning, at Amherst College (MA) : How can you evaluate and fully utilize a college’s career center.

Emily Griffen
Emily shares her backstory with all of its twists and then she addresses the following topics:“What services do college career centers provide?”Student Facing vs Employer facing components, Is there a demand in the job world for students who get degrees in things like history, English, philosophy, etc. Emily shares the top skills that employers are looking for, She shares how to evaluate the various career centers as part of your admission process? Can you trust the statistics career centers share about their graduates? What resources are there to help people know what their engagement should be with Career Services, Emily discusses the trends on college campuses with Career Centers (Length 1:05:44)

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  • This was such an insightful interview. I was happy to find out how Career Centers are meeting the needs of today’s college students.

    • This was one of my favorite interviews Sylvia. I learned what questions my students should be asking as they evaluate career centers as part of their evaluation of each college.

  • Incredibly helpful, insightful, and informational interview. All colleges should be as lucky as Amherst to have such a robust career center with someone like Emily at the helm. Thank you for this terrific interview@

    • Kari, sometimes people ask, how does a school with a high endowment per student benefit me? Well, Amherst can hire 19 people on their team for a population of 1900. it is in ways like this that the money matters. Thanks for sharing this as I will be passing your comments on to Emily.