YCBK 100: What is FAFSA4caster and How Can it Help?
YCBK 100: What is FAFSA4caster and How Can it Help? [Transcript]

Interview 42: Rick Clark & Brennan Barnard on “The Truth About College Admissions”

Rick Clark and Brennan Barnard

The Truth About College Admission

Mark interviews Brennan Barnard, Director of College Counseling at the Derryfield School and Rick Clark, Director of Admission at Georgia Tech. Mark previously interviewed Brennan Barnard on episodes 39-41 on the topic of Common Mistakes Parents Make and Rick was interviewed on episodes 49-51 of the Your College-Bound podcast on the topic of how to handle an acceptance, a deferral, a denial or a waitlist. Some of the questions Rick and Brennan answer in this interview are: How did you meet and how did your friendship emerge? What are you hoping to contribute with this book? Rick shares one area that he and Brennan disagreed on as they wrote the book? Rick and Brennan discuss four main areas that divide families in the college admission process. Mark shares that The Truth About College Admissions is the best book he has read on the topic of not letting wedge issues divide your family through the college admissions process. To order bulk copies at a reduced rate, reach out to Katherine at krm@press.jhu.edu or you can get this excellent book on Amazon. I also strongly encourage you to follow Rick Clark’s blog on Twitter (@GT Admissions). Brennan is also a prolific writer and I love to read Brennan’s Mindful Admission articles. You follow Brennan (@BarnardBrennan) and you can read his excellent articles in Forbes and in the Washington Post (Length 28:55).

You can also listen on Episode 100

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