YCBK 105: How to Fix College Admissions, Part 2
University of North Carolina at Asheville (NC)

Interview 45: Rob Kirkland on “What you need to know about ROTC scholarships?”

Colonel Robert Kirkland
Colonel Rob Kirkland shares his story, as well as what he is doing now. Rob tells us what the ROTC and he shares what the requirements are. He shares how much of a time commitment it will take and what exactly are you asked to do with this time. Rob shares what the ROTC scholarship covers.Rob talks about how important the interview is. Rob shares the academic qualifications the ROTC is looking for. He tells us what SAL is. He discusses how your declared major factors into the evaluation. Rob covers the application timeline.. Rob shares how getting the ROTC scholarship may help you get into college. Rob breaks down what the service obligation is after you graduate.Rob explains what the Guard and Reserve is. Rob talks about how a student should decide between the ROTC scholarship and attending a Service Academy. Rob talks about how some colleges give their own scholarships to ROTC students. (52:31)

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