Interview 74: Kristen Mosley on "What I did to win 10 outside scholarships"
YCBK 188: Why apps are way up at HBCUs

Interview 75: Eric Furda on “The College Conversation”

Eric Furda
  • Eric, explains his backstory: where he grew up, various admission jobs he had, what he is doing now
  • Mark introduces our topic: Understanding the Book Eric wrote: A College Conversation: A Practical Companion for Parents to Guide Their Children Along the Path to Higher Education
  • Eric explains why he wrote the book and where the idea emerged from
  • The book is co-written by Jacques Steinberg, what role did they each play in the book’s formation?
  • Eric, explains the five different conversations that form the structure of the book
  • Eric discusses the conversations About the Discovery Phase section
  • Eric discusses conversations About the Search phase.
  • Eric discusses conversations about the Application phase
  • Eric discusses conversations about the Decision phase
  • Eric discusses conversations about Transitions
  • Eric explains the five I’s-Identity- identity, intellect, ideas, interests, and inspiration.
  • Eric talks about the exercises the book includes
  • Eric discusses where you should start reading based on your grade

You can also listen on Episode 187

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