Interview 74: Kristen Mosley on “What I did to win 10 outside scholarships”

Kristen covers the following topics:
  • her backstory and what she was involved in while in high school
  • being a student during the pandemic
  • how her school counselor helped her with scholarships
  • how she was struggling to win scholarships and the changes she made that produced success
  • sorority scholarships
  • looking at scholarships listed on other high school websites
  • what books or websites she used for her scholarship search
  • targeting workplace and membership scholarships
  • using an accountability partner
Kristen Mosley
  • how many scholarships did she apply to
  • advice about recommenders, deadlines and organization
  • sweepstake scholarships and scholarships from places of worship
  • getting scholarships if you have a GPA under 3.0 and if you are not regarded as having a low income
  • getting scholarships while in college
  • what it is like being a student at Spelman
  • I put Kristen on the hot seat
  • Kristen ends with a stunning announcement about something exciting that just happened to her.

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