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University of California (UCLA) (CA)

Interview 86: Gary Clark on “Understanding UCLA”

Gary Clark
  • Gary gives a high-level overview of who UCLA is
  • Gary answers questions that listeners sent in
  • Gary explains how the comprehensive review process works at UCLA
  • Gary shares a few unique things that UCLA does that some of the other UC’s don’t do when they are evaluating an applicant
  • Gary tells us what ELC is and he explains how it works in the UCLA admissions process.
  • Gary discusses whether grade inflation at a particular high school is something they look at or is an A and A no matter what high school the student is coming from.
  • Gary about admissions for non-resident students who are not from California
  • Gary shares statistical information, such as how many students apply and what the acceptance rate is for nursing and he talks about what UCLA is looking for when they evaluate a nursing applicant.
  • Gary describes what “The Compare Favorably standard is”
  • Gary answers the question, does test-blind apply to AP and IB tests
  • Mark puts Gary on the hot seat

You can also listen on Episode 211 and Episode 212

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