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Interview 91: Chris Gruber on “How the pandemic forced Davidson to examine its own admission biases and make changes”

Chris Gruber
  • Chris gives his backstory
  • Who was part of the think tank to make the suggestions about how Davidson needed to change
  • Three changes they made to the application process for students
  • The “Why Us” essay, is there a class bias in this question
  • Other changes Davidson made to decrease the class bias
  • Chris and Mark have a very frank conversation about social class and admissions
  • One of the ways in which they were using the School Profile in ways that were not fair to students coming from under-resourced schools
  • Some school-wide initiatives that make Davidson is making to be easier for an under-resourced student to take full advantage of the full experience
  • How they learned to read a file without test scores
  • How the grade inflation at some schools makes reading without scores a bigger challenge
  • How the length of the application often impacts application completion rates
  • Chris goes on the hot seat

You can also listen on Episode 220 and Episode 221

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