Interview 92: Roger Parrott on "What are the Major Trends Impacting Higher Education"
YCBK 223: The College Admission Process is Completely Broken [Transcript]

Interview 93: Roger Parrott on “Understanding Belhaven University”

Roger Parrott
  • Roger shares the 4 C’s that Belhaven prioritizes
  • Roger shares what their unique curriculum offers
  • Roger talks about the chapel experience at Belhaven
  • Roger talks about the capstone course experience at Belhaven
  • Roger talks about Belhaven’s exceptional arts programs in all four areas of the arts
  • Roger describes the campus and the faculty
  • Roger answers the question, does someone need to be a professing Christian to attend Belhaven
  • Roger discusses experiential education opportunities
  • Roger talks about the exceptional creative writing program and the film program
  • Roger makes a passionate case for parents letting students pursue their passion
  • Roger shares the incredible programs that Belhaven offers freshman students that Mark has never seen any other college offer to their freshman
  • Of course, Mark puts Roger on the hot seat

You can also listen on Episode 224

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