University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC)
Interview 93: Roger Parrott on "Understanding Belhaven University"

Interview 92: Roger Parrott on “What are the Major Trends Impacting Higher Education”

Roger Parrott
  • Roger shares his backstory
  • His test for everyone who wants to be a college President
  • What he believes are the major trends that are impacting higher education
  • The four S’s that are a threat to Higher Ed
  • Why do more Republicans feel college is not worth it
  • What keeps Presidents up at night
  • Tuition resets
  • How to evaluate a college
  • How to evaluate the financial health of private colleges
  • Enrollment trends and endowments
  • The financial and educational value of online programs
  • Why so many colleges struggle to implement successful online degree programs
  • His biggest concern about online education
  • Are Presidents under pressure to climb the rankings
  • What is it that US News measures
  • How demographics impact enrollment
  • What things parents should be looking for that often go overlooked
  • Some fantastic advice on what you should do on a campus visit

You can also listen on Episode 222 and Episode 223

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