Interview 103: Sue Corner on “Myths about private colleges”

  • Sue gives her backstory, including her education and various admission roles she has had.
  • Mark introduces the topic, “Debunking Myths about Private schools.”
  • Sue addresses Myth #1-Liberal Arts and Science schools are not a good place for stem students.
  • Sue talks about some ways Willamette has made adjustments to this myth.
  • Sue addresses Myth #2-Private schools are less accessible than public schools, especially financially
  • Sue shares how Willamette has addressed this concern in a creative way
Sue Corner
  • Sue addresses Myth #3-Institutional quality is best evaluated by admit rate and ranking.
  • Sue discusses various ways in which it is so easy for a school to manipulate its admit rate.
  • Sue talks about how easy it is to manipulate USNWR rankings.
  • Sue gives her advice on how to block out the noise, and she shares some of the legitimate ways to judge a school’s educational quality.

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