Interview 104: Angela McIver on “Trapezium Math”

  • Angela gives her background
  • Angela shares where her program was lacking and where it had to make changes
  • Angela talks about getting her PhD
  • Angela started her first business called Math Foundations
  • Angela became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Angela then started Trapezium had a waitlist of a year and a half
  • Angela talks about, what is the secret sauce that makes Trapezium work
  • Angela describes the transition from an in-person program to an online platform
  • Angela talks about what age or level is the best time to start
  • Angela talks about how her math clubs offer different math levels for different kids
Angela McIver
  • Angela talks about how her program can accommodate students with learning differences
  • Angela talks about how “try before you buy” works
  • Angela shares is the place to go before for more info
  • Angela shares her evidence to prove Trapezium works
  • Angela shares how many students have gone through her program
  • Angela goes on the hot seat

You can also listen on Episode 238