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Interview 107: John Ambrose on “Understanding Michigan State University”

John Ambrose
  • John gives his backstory.
  • John gives an overview of Michigan State.
  • John talks about the different colleges that comprise MSU.
  • John takes about MSU’s role in spearheading the land grant universities.
  • John describes the MSU campus.
  • John talks about what Lansing and East Lansing are like
  • John shares how MSU is different from other Big ten schools
  • John shares how MSU has changed in the last few decades
  • John shares how MSU’s admissions process works
  • John talks about an admission model they have built that really helps them to factor different high schools into their file reading.
  • John explains why test scores are not necessary for MSU to read a file well.
  • John talks about whether the college a student applies to impacts admissions decisions.
  • John shares what colleges are the toughest to get in
  • John discusses merit scholarships.
  • John shares all of the new developments on campus
  • John shares some of the initiatives that are being worked on
  • John shares how MSU can provide support for incoming freshman
  • John talks about whether MSU is looking at making their classes smaller.
  • John is asked if MSU is working on improving communication with parents and students about “to do” items regarding transitioning to MSU.
  • John goes more in-depth about MSU’s strongest programs John continues discussing MSU’s strongest programs.
  • John goes on the hot seat in our lightning round.

You can also listen on Episode 243, Episode 245 and Episode 247

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