Mercer University (GA)
Wash U in St. Louis (MO)

Interview 133: Ronne Turner on “Wash U”

Ronne Turner
  • Ronne tells us about her 35 years of admissions experience at four different institutions
  • Ronne explains some of the main initiatives at Wash U right now
  • Ronne explains how Wash U is different from their overlap schools
  • Ronne explains what Wash U’s personality is
  • Ronne explains why she came to Wash U
  • Ronne explains what makes the Olin College of Business special
  • Ronne explains multiple pathways for students to take advantage of the Olin College of Business
  • Ronne tells us some of the strengths of the McKelvey School of Engineering.
  • Ronne talks about the Sam Fox School
  • Ronne shares what is unique about the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Ronnie shares some of the unique multidisciplinary majors like PNP that are housed within the College of Arts of Sciences
  • Ronne talks about the advising program that Wash U offers
  • Ronne talks about St. Louis and the unique location of Wash U
  • Ronne talks about some of the unique programs Wash U has implemented to make Wash U a better place for under-resourced and rural students.
  • Ronne explains what the Gateway scholarship and the Heartland initiative is
  • Ronne discusses how the school the student is coming from is evaluated
  • Ronne explains what they look for in students when they read a file
  • Ronne talks about how they used Demonstrated Interest in their application evaluation and why they decided to not use demonstrated interest the way they were before. Ronne is transparent s she shares
  • Ronne discusses some institutional priorities Wash U has when she discusses the “Here and Next” campaign
  • Ronne discusses What Wash U can do better?

You can also listen on Episode 301, Episode 303, and Episode 305

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