Interview 135: Alison Merzel on "Understanding and Supporting Jewish Students and the Threat of Antisemitism"
Interview 137: Karen Kristof on "Leaving US News and World Report"

Interview 136: Gloria and Terry Crawford on “Understanding Initialview”

Gloria and Terry Crawford
  • Gloria and Terry explain their bios, and they explain how and why they started Initialview
  • Gloria explains what Initialview is and how it works.
  • Terry explains why and how Initialview grew so rapidly.
  • Terry explains how they added a writing component to Initialview
  • Terry explains how the tagging system works with their interview
  • Terry explains how they keep people from gaming their interviews
  • Gloria and Terry explain some things that admissions officers tell Initialview that they do not share with students and parents.
  • Terry and Gloria explain what Sapien skills are Gloria talks about the history of how Initialview started serving and helping domestic students
  • Gloria explains what “elevator pitch” is and the mechanics of how elevator pitch works
  • Terry explains what “two-sided markets” and “matching markets” are
  • Terry and Gloria explain what the star system is that Initialview uses and they explain why colleges like it and why it is appealing to parents and students
  • Terry describes how the Yellow star can be used for waitlisted students
  • Gloria and Terry explain how Chat GPT has created a unique opportunity for Initialview
  • Gloria and Terry go on the hot seat
  • Gloria explains how covid and Chat GPT have both become an impetus to try some new creative approaches using educational tech
  • Terry talks about how the integration between Slate and Initialview was a game changer for the growth of Initialview
  • Gloria says that occasionally critics say they are creating a cottage industry, but she explains why Initialview is student-centric and how it helps students who their authentic selves

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