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Interview 138: Andre Philips in "Understanding University of Wisconsin-Madison"

Interview 137: Karen Kristof on “Leaving US News and World Report”

Karen Kristof
  • Karen Kristof, a veteran of over 30 years of admissions at five colleges returns to the podcast for the second time in the last 8 months. Karen is the Assistant Vice President and Dean of Admissions at Colorado College
  • Mark gives a summary of Scott Jaschik’s article written in Inside Higher Ed entitled, Why Aren’t More Colleges Following Colorado College and RISD
  • The article discusses Colorado College’s decision to drop out of the undergraduate US News and World Rankings
  • Karen tells us what the pros and cons are of withdrawing from USNWR.
  • Karen shares the process that went into making the decision to drop out of USNWR college rankings
  • Karen shares the roll the President played in the decision to no longer report data to USNWR
  • Karen shares the complexity of the decision. One question she broaches is, do they drop out of all of the rankings or just USNWR
  • Karen speculates whether applications to CC will go down if USNWR drops them in the upcoming rankings magazine.
  • Karen discusses the gap between men and women that exists at most Liberal Arts Colleges

You can also listen on Episode 313

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