YCBK 342: More on affirmative action and more advice for students with special needs [Transcript]
Interview 141: Christine Gangelhoff on "Advice for Music Majors"

Interview 140: Lynda Doepker in “Transitioning to College”

Lynda Doepker
  • Lisa interviews co-host Lynda Doepker, both college counselors and moms of college students, as they delve deep into the whirlwind of high school seniors transitioning to college.
  • They candidly discuss the importance of enjoying the last summer before college starts and what to expect when your student comes home for the first time and how to manage those emotions.
  • They cover the importance of planning ahead and dealing with FERPA and HIPPA issues, scheduling medical appointments and making sure your student knows how to “adult”.
  • Drawing on their own experiences, they talk about setting realistic expectations and how to gradually let go and empower your new college student.
  • From scheduling FaceTime calls and managing laundry, to trusting them to communicate with the school, this conversation offers reassurance to parents going through the same situation

You can also listen on Episode 322, and Episode 324

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