Interview 142: David Marcus on "Acceptance"
Interview 144: Andre Phillips on "Summer Melt"

Interview 143: Gus Resendiz on “Pros and Cons of a Co-op Education”

Gus Resendiz
  • Gus shares the various co-op jobs he had while he was at Northeastern
  • Gus shares how he ended up getting a co-op opportunity in the East Wing of the White House
  • Gus shares how his undergrad co-op inspired him to craft his own co-op in law school
  • Gus explains how co-op taught him what he didn’t want to do for the rest of his life
  • Mark introduces the criticisms he hears about
  • Mark tells Gus about four or five negatives he hears about co-ops, and he asks Gus if these criticisms are legitimate
  • Gus answers each criticism “one by one” and he shares if he feels they are legitimate concerns
  • Gus adds an additional aspect of co-op that doesn’t work for some people
  • Gus gives some advice that the people who really do well with co-op do the following things
  • Gus shares a description of the kind of person that co-op is good for and he also shares the description of the kind of student that co-op does not work well for.
  • Gus talks about how Northeastern has changed since Gus attended
  • Gus gives his advice for students who are considering law careers
  • Gus talks about the role that year-end tests play at law school
  • Gus talks about how the Socratic Method prepares people to be an attorney
  • Gus continues to talk about how he afforded law school, as well as how he lived after graduating from law school
  • Gus discusses whether co-op jobs set you up to get full-time offers from your co-op boss
  • Gus talks about the ROI of co-op
  • Gus talks about how co-op experiences impact classroom discussions.
  • Gus goes on the hot seat in the lightning round

You can also listen on Episode 327, Episode 329, and Episode 331

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