Interview 141: Christine Gangelhoff on "Advice for Music Majors"
Interview 143: Gus Resendiz on "Pros and Cons of a Co-op Education"

Interview 142: David Marcus on “Acceptance”

David L Marcus
  • David Marcus shares his background
  • David gives an overview of his book “Acceptance” and he talks about some of the main students in the book that he tracks
  • David tells us what he was trying to convey in Chapter 3, BWRK
  • David talks about Chapter 4 of his book, “When everyone is special, no one is special”
  • David talks about Chapter 7 of his book, which looks at the Industrial complex of college admissions
  • David talks about what he was trying to convey in Chapter 8, “Donating Blood is not an extracurricular activity”
  • David shares his 5 big takeaways from the book
  • David talks about the value of being a big fish in a small pond
  • David talks about the importance of fit and values alignment
  • David talks about his own son and why he never went to college and it worked out for him
  • David talks about the value of community college
  • David talks about the value of diversity
  • David makes a passionate plea to parents that we all need to heed
  • David goes on the hot seat for our lightning round

You can also listen on Episode 326, Episode 328, and Episode 330

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