YCBK 354: 10 Questions to Test Whether You Should Apply Early Decision [Transcript]
Interview 149: Lisa, Liz and Sarah on "College is Fine"

Interview 148: Akil Bello on “Tough Questions about Test Scores Interview”

Akil Bello
  • Akil gives his backstory, walking us up to what he is doing now
  • Akil tells us what the mission of Fairtest is, and he explains why the mission appeals to him
  • Akil explains the new Digital SAT; he shares the pros and cons of the new test
  • Akil explains his thoughts on whether it is a good thing that the Digital SAT is an adaptive test
  • Akil explains the problem that he has with the College Board
  • Akil shares his perspective on schools like MIT and Purdue, and Georgetown requiring test scores
  • Akil shares what is arguably his biggest beef with how test scores are used
  • Akil shares where he sees the test-optional movement going
  • Akil talks about the College Board’s validity studies
  • Akil answers the question, isn’t it hypocritical for you to be so critical of the SAT and to make money as an SAT tutor
  • Akil answers the question, is it easier to improve your ACT or SAT scores?
  • Akil answers the question, is it easier to get a perfect score on the ACT than the SAT
  • Akil shares whether he thinks the ACT or the SAT is better for the student who is strong at math
  • Akil shares what score gain a student can typically expect if they are trying to assess the ROI if they invest in test prep
  • Akil shares his theory of when a student should start their test prep
  • Akil shares why there are such persistent test scores differences between races, gender, and International vs. US students
  • Akil critiques my advice to students who want to do their own self-prep for lack of resources.
  • Akil talks about how the tests often test “performance under pressure.”
  • Akil answers the question, “Is the SAT culturally biased”
  • What is your advice to someone who struggles with test anxiety?
  • Akil goes on the hot seat.

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