Interview 150: Dr. Jenni Griffin on "Utilizing Student Resources to be successful while in college"
Interview 152: Matt Bonser on "Understanding Demonstrated Interest and Predictive Modeling"

Interview 151: Evan Mandery on “Poison Ivy”

Evan Mandery
  • Evan Mandery is the author of eight books, including four novels, as well as the co-creator and executive producer of the TV series Artificial, for which he won Peabody and Emmy awards in 2019
  • Evan Mandery shares his interesting background and how it shaped how he is today
  • Evan talks about where his passion for educational equity originated from Evan talks about why he doesn’t believe students who go to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton deserve their elite status.
  • Evan explains what he means by “the Iron Ceiling.”
  • Evan talks about the quest to attend an elite school as about preserving one’s class status.
  • Evan talks about elite colleges getting as much as a 20-billion-dollar tax break
  • Evan shares statistics that show the opportunity gap between the well-resourced and under-resourced.
  • Evan takes a critical look at why so many graduates from elite schools go into investment banking.
  • Evan says, we need to incentivize schools to prioritize under-resourced students because their current position is indefensible.
  • Evan talks about the best things parents can do for their children
  • Evan gives his advice for counselors, parents and students
  • Lisa puts Evan on the hot seat

You can also listen on Episode 349, Episode 351, and Episode 353

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