Interview 159: Dr. Andrea Brenner on "How to College"
Dartmouth College (NH)

Interview 160: Lee Coffin on “Understanding Dartmouth”

Lee Coffin
  • Lee explains how Dartmouth is different from other Ivy League schools
  • Lee talks about one personal quality that he really looks for when he is reading a file
  • Lee talks about why personal qualities (PQs) fly under the radar of the things that are important to an admission officer
  • Lee answers a question from a listener, and just like in our first interview when Lee broke some new news by talking about how they went from test-optional to test-recommended, Lee breaks some even bigger news in his detailed answer to the question
  • Lee drops a big number on us when he talks about how they use 64 types of data in their initial process
  • Lee talks about a brand new process they created to evaluate applicants in a way that no other school that we know of is doing
  • Lee answers multiple questions that listeners sent in
  • Lee explains why the peer rec may be his favorite part of the application
  • Lee answers the question, why are Dartmouth and Davidson colleges the only two colleges that ask for a peer rec
  • Julia asks Lee, how does interest in a particular academic interest factors into admission decisions at Dartmouth
  • Lee answers the question, “Who is not on your campus that you would like to see more of?” and Lee reveals three of their institutional priorities
  • Lee goes on the hot seat and he doesn’t disappoint

You can also listen on Episode 377, Episode 379, and Episode 381

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