Interview 158: Chris Chilbert on "What you need to know about AI"
Interview 160: Lee Coffin on "Understanding Dartmouth"

Interview 159: Dr. Andrea Brenner on “How to College”

  • Dr. Andrea Brenner shares her unique career path
  • Andrea tells us what the American University experience is
  • Andrea tells us about her book, “How to College,” as well as the five different card decks she created
  • Andrea talks about her favorite exercise to help students get college-ready
  • Dr. Brenner talks about some of the life skills and academic skills that students should have before they go off to college
  • Dr. Brenner shares many ways in which the skill set students need for high school is different than what they need for college
  • Dr. Brenner shares tips about what students and parents can do to prepare for the adjustment to the freedom of college
  • Dr. Brenner shares one mistake parents make that is well-intentioned but harmful to preparing students for college
  • Dr. Brenner tells us what, “little failures” are, and why they are so important
  • Dr. Brenner shares what AP courses are good for, but she also shares what AP tests are not good for
  • Dr. Brenner talks about something that is very important for students to learn by the 10th grade,
  • Dr. Brenner teaches us what the stress distress model is, and how this can really help a student with their mental health
  • Dr. Brenner talks about how covid has impacted this generation’s college readiness
  • Dr. Brenner talks about the importance of resilience
  • Andrea talks about why college is often so difficult so cially for students
  • Andrea talks about how there is so much more pressure on students now than what their parents experienced
  • Lisa asks Dr. Brenner how parents can begin cultivating habits of wellness for their student
  • Andrea talks about how students need to learn to talk to people who are very different from who they are because in college they will usually have to do this
  • Andrea shares, what are the most important things a parent can do now for their student so they are prepared
  • Dr. Brenner talks about the baggage parents have that can weigh them down
  • Lisa puts Dr. Brenner on the hot seat
  • Dr. Brenner talks about her dissertation on white professors teaching race to people of color
  • Dr. Brenner talks about to access Dr. Brenner’s cards, her book and how to book her for a speaking engagement

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