Interview 157: Rick Clark and Brennan Barnard on "Miscellaneous Admission Topics"
Interview 159: Dr. Andrea Brenner on "How to College"

Interview 158: Chris Chilbert on “What you need to know about AI”

  • Chris gives his bio
  • Chris talks about the buzz that is around AI
  • Chris tells us what we need to know about AI
  • Chris talks about the ethical issues around the use of AI
  • What is the difference between generative AI and regular AI
  • Chris talks about what AI can do and what it can’t do?
  • Chris shares his advice on what college majors a student should pursue if they are interested in a career in AI
  • Chris gives us his recommendations for books and articles to read on AI
  • Chris tells us what he foresees in the future for AI for the next 5-10 years
  • Chris shares the skill sets he looks for when he hires someone in AI
  • Chris shares the last thing he wants to share with us about AI that we haven’t discussed.
  • Mark asks Chris if there are any colleges that he feels prepare people well for an AI career.
  • Chris goes on the hot seat and he drops some real pearls of wisdom

You can also listen on Episode 372, and Episode 374

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