Interview 156: Dr. Eric Neubuehl on "The Importance of Student Engagement"
Interview 158: Chris Chilbert on "What you need to know about AI"

Interview 157: Rick Clark and Brennan Barnard on “Miscellaneous Admission Topics”

Rick Clark and Brennan Barnard
  • Rick and Brennan give their bios
  • Rick and Brennan talk about why they wrote a new edition to their book, “The Truth About College Admissions.”
  • Rick and Brennan share an issue or two where they disagree about admissions topics
  • Brennan and Rick have a disagreement about Early Decision, each one shares their reason for their view on Early Decision
  • Rick discusses the encroachment of the federal government in regulating admissions practices.
  • Rick talks about how the admissions funnel is being threatened by all of the challenges.
  • Brennan and Rick discuss legacy admissions
  • Rick talks about race-based affirmative action
  • Brennan talks about how athletic recruiting is the big conversation we are not having
  • Rick talks about how he and Brennan do not always agree on athletic recruiting and college admissions
  • Rick talks about how some people are naïve about the business realities of college admissions
  • Brennan and Rick continue to talk about legacy admissions, college athletes and race conscious admissions.
  • Where do they see things going with the Digital SAT
  • Brennan and Rick talk about AI and machine learning and the role it may play in admissions
  • Brennan talks about how AI can remove some of the basic reading functions so admission officers can spend more time on the human component; he also talks about
    how it may help college counselors
  • Rick returns to the topic of business realities of admissions that people seldom talk about
  • Rick talks about how every deadline an admission office has is intentional
  • Rick talks about the political realities that often force an admission office to make decisions
  • Rick tells us whether he thinks the admission process is a fair process Rick and Brennan share who their book: “The Truth About College Admissions” is for and who is not for
  • Rick and Brennan share the feedback they heard about version 1 of their book as they travel across the country

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